The Difficult Second Post: Crescent Moon Cookies

I’ve been struggling with the fact that nothing imploded when I pressed ‘publish’ on the last post.
In fact, nice people emailed and said nice things.

This naturally inhibited my attempts at writing a second post (yeah, thanks, nice people), so I decided to stick to what I know. And since I wrote about exhibition panels last time, the only other topic open to me – closest to my heart and fingertips: biscuits.

Crescent moon cookies

Enough to make an slightly melted tubfull of
1. Cartoon eyes or 2. Crescent moons

Here’s a slow but simple recipe, adapted from this one from Baker’s Rack.


(for now until forever, C=Cup, T=Tablespoon, t=teaspoon)

6oz unsalted butter
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
1 C sugar
2 large eggs (I used 1 instead and no-one died)
2 C flour
1 t vanilla
1/3 C cocoa powder
1 C finely chopped, mixed nuts


Cream the butter, sugar, salt and baking soda, til soft. [I left out the baking soda, since I was using self-raising flour]

Add in the egg(s).

Add flour, little by little, until just combined.

Halve mix. Take 1 half and mix in 1 t of vanilla extract. You could supplement this with orange, or peppermint flavour. Hell, you could even go with the Baker’s Rack recipe and add 10 drops of food colouring, if that’s what keeps your boat afloat.

To the other half, add cocoa powder and mix until evenly distributed.

Make both doughs into small, thick sausages, by wrapping tightly in micro-safe cling film. Chill both sweet, sweet saussies for at least 30 mins.

Cookie dough


(I didn’t split the dough evenly, so the vanilla dough was a bit meager. I rolled it in ground almonds before wrapping it in film to make it go a bit further.)

While you wait, chop some mixed nuts finely. I used pecan, cashew, hazel and walnut. Place in shallow dish.

Take doughs from fridge and slice into quarters. Remove 1 piece of each flavour – wrap and return rest to the fridge.

Roll both flavours, seperately, into 2cm thick sausages.

Now, this is when my phone died. And so, to paint a picture with words: twist the flavours around each other, then smooth up real nice. Mmm.

Message in a window

Instead, here's an inexplicably creepy photo I took years ago,
of a window in a communal staircase.

The vanilla dough should be quite soft, so you should be able to smooth it onto the chocolate dough, and then gently roll it into a cylinder shape. At this point, it should look like a twisty-turny thing.

Roll the cylinder in the chopped nuts, wrap tightly in clingfilm again. Refrigerate. Repeat the process with the rest of the dough, and chill everything for 2 hours, if you can wait that long.

Pre-heat the oven to 175C/350F.

Slice the cylinders into half cm-thick discs.

Cookies discs

Place on ungreased baking sheets, 2cm apart, and bake for 8 minutes, or until golden on the bottom.

Leave to cool and enjoy!

Lifestyle cookie stack stock

Lifestyle cookie stack stock shot


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